term life insurance quotes with no medical exam or personal information

term life insurance quotes no personal information

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Getting Term Life Insurance Quotes and Keeping your Privacy


Itís no longer necessary to give up your privacy and risk your personal information on the internet just to compare quotes on term life insurance. We can show you a quick how to guide and get you the information you need online today.

First letís outline what term life insurance is and how it differs from a typical life insurance policy. Whole life insurance covers you for your Ďwholeí life and term life insurance covers you for a predetermined Ďtermí of time, anywhere from 5 to 30 years is the norm.

Most people opt for term life insurance because itís more affordable or itís all they can afford at the time, they just have to remember that it runs out. So letís say for example you are 45 years old and want to be covered with life insurance for the next 25 years. Your term life insurance policy would last 25 years and expire at age 70. Make sense? The premium rate will be determined on your current health and the statistical rate at the expiry, or in this case age 70. This leads us to getting a term life insurance policy without a medical exam.


Get a term life insurance quote with no medical exam

Today you can purchase term life insurance without the need for a medical exam, most life insurance companies only ask you a few health questions, simple enough, they use your answers to determine your rate and we always recommend getting a health exam if you are in very good health since it will reduce your premium and increase your payout rate.


Comparing term life insurance quotes no personal information needed

We wanted each customer that came to our website to use the services we offer as a comparison tool not as service where they feel their giving up their privacy. Most of the life insurance companies we work with today donít need your personal information to give out a term life insurance quote, so there is nothing to worry about. Please email us if you have any questions about our privacy policy or see ways in which we could improve it to better serve you!




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