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 term life insurance quotes without an exam

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A Term Life Insurance Plan without any Medical Exam


Term life insurance plans can be the least expensive life insurance coverage out their today on the internet, most you donít even need a medical exam to get insurance and can print the policy online on the same day, sounds great doesnít it but what is the pitfall to this kind of coverage, or is there one?

When you put yourself in the shoes of a life insurance company you will quickly realize you make money by selling policies not paying them out, so the healthier the customer the more profitable your will be, make sense? So if you want to offer a policy to your customer and donít require them to get a health or medical exam arenít you going to change them more or give them less? Of course and this is the pitfall. Itís not a bad thing if you are a smoker, suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes, it may be your only option with this kinds of health background.

Things to consider with term life insurance

So youíve decided to skip the health exam but donít think there isnít health questions and lying on these is not an option, since it would be a reason to no payout if there should be and accident. The health questions cover the basics and itís important because itís going to give you the most accurate quote. One thing we would like to point out, if you are health and have no issues with take a medical exam do it, it can drastically reduce the cost of your term life insurance or increase the length of the term or the payout.

Transparency is the best medicine when it comes to term life insurance, without a medical exam you have to be very clear and honest with your answers to their health questions, making you clear and confident about the protection you have purchased is key!



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